Welcome to Baba Reality (BR)

Today, on the dining table, I asked by baba (grandfather) to tell me a story. He asked me what sort of story I wanted to hear. I told him to pick any incident from his school days. Baba went quiet for almost two minutes. He would often take long pauses between conversations. Although this time, while finishing the last bites of his meal, I knew he was thinking hard.

These two minutes made my mind start guessing what sort of story he will tell. Although before I could make up my mind, he kicked off today’s story. He took me back to 1947 when India got independence and when he was still in class 9. This story was about how he moved to a school in Kanpur, UP (India) because the school in his town wasn’t accredited to teach beyond class 8. But then, there were a series of events which brought him back to his original school, including the government’s grant of the accreditation.

While I won’t classify today’s story as one of the bests – because the best ones are about his dad’s luxury cars or camels and the gold smugglers, I did realize today, how beautifully my baba narrates stories. The expressions, the pauses and the description of the scene invariably sends you back in time and experience every bit. If I were to use a fancy name, I would use Baba Reality (screw you AR/ VR :P). Interestingly, all the nuances of his story telling skills are very similar to what is taught in business communication. Guess my coach is sitting right here, inside my house!

So, here’s to Baba Reality (BR). Cheers!

Do put in the comments if you have had similar experience with your grandparents 🙂



Exclusive Baba Content

Just before Diwali poojan I was lying down on the bed, with my head on my baba’s (grandfather) lap. So comfortable it is. Especially because he always has interesting stories to share from his life.

Baba: You want to hear a story which no one knows?

Me: Yeah baba, why not. *It’s not us cooking food in the kitchen or preparing for the pooja, we can relax*

*So, baba started his monologue*WP_20151111_20_56_03_Pro

Baba: Do you know that Lord Ram once asked Sita, #pause# *A bit used to baba’s style, I waited for him to continue*

Baba: ..to fulfil one of his wish. #pause# But Sita said that she can fulfil his wish only if she gets something in return #long pause# *Given baba gave such long pause, my mind started wondering what exactly she would have asked for, a necklace or a new saree?*

Baba: Lord Ram promised commitment; that he’ll not marry anyone else. Then he asked for.. #longest pause# *Oh man, what would Lord Ram want? Sex? Dirty mind*

Baba: Lord Ram asked for a new name. He wanted Sita to give him a new name.. *Whaaat! Seriously!*

And so baba continued and finished his story in some time. His slow but accurate articulation of each word creates so much suspense in each of his story. More than that, his pride in each story he narrates makes it even more interesting to hear.

I feel our grandparents are a treasure trove of knowledge and wisdom. However busy we might get, it’s always good to hear #ExclusiveBabaContent