Short Stories #8 Limits

He asked the autowallah to take them to Maroosh Cafe, which was hardly two kilometers away. The autowallah promptly asked for 100 bucks which Karunesh bargained down to 40. They hopped in, reached the destination and found the cafe to be closed. Farzyn asked the autowallah to take a u-turn and take them to a Subway, which was the same distance from where they hopped in, but in opposite direction.

While getting off Karunesh drew out 100 bucks from his wallet, but before he could give it to the autowallah, Farzyn settled the payment with just 50. Shocked and disappointed in self, he asked her how she could settle for just 50 when they commuted triple the distance? She laughed, placed her hand on his shoulder, and said, ‘one should always test limits Karunesh’!

With guilt, he thought to self – Exactly what I have been doing for the past six months, every Wednesday night, in a double occupancy OYO room.



Hello Happiness!

My grandfather (baba) underwent a heart procedure a couple of weeks back. While he’s recovering steadily, guests and relatives keep pouring in every now and then to see how he’s doing. Same drill for the family and him, almost every time. Today however, was a bit different. It was his (deceased) elder brother’s wife (bhabhi) who visited.

Baba was resting in his room when I entered and told him that his bhabhi has come to see him. He immediately got up, put on his slippers and started walking towards the drawing room. She was delighted to see her brother-in-law slowly walking towards the sofa and tapped her right hand asking him to sit by her side. My grandfather, delighted and happy, went and occupied the seat his bhabhi kept. She patted on his back, like a close friend would do, asking if he was doing okay. Both of them broke into their list of 1000 topics. Happiness in these two hours was inherent and came effortlessly.

It made me realize that what matters the most in life, or what gives us maximum happiness is good relationships. Googled it and figured that I wasn’t quite wrong. A Harvard study which spanned 75 years has also arrived at something similar.  Here’s a related TED video link.

What’s your take? Dare not go against Harvard! 😛


Acting Pricey !

There are times when we actually forget things and there are others when we pretend to. Guess the latter has lately become the in-thing ! While laying down the seeds to the argument, I would not disagree to admit that I myself have many times chosen to deliberately forget things. But yes, I’ve also tried to keep it at minimal levels.

Coming back to the argument, I believe, it’s the momentary kick which a person gets out of such acts. Short lived moment of pleasure. Let me elaborate with an example:

Background Info:

A was in a meeting when B calls him. A thought of returning the call when he is free. So now, when the meeting is over, A calls up B-after almost an hour. And the conversation..

A: Hey wassup?! 

B: All good. How about you?

A: Ahh..too good! You called, what happened. Was in a meeting.

B: Called?!Umm.. (Meanwhile A checks his call logs even when he’s confident that B called.) Did I call you today or was it yesterday?! (B now at the peak of his act. Deliberately forgetting isn’t an easy task, you see.)

A: Yeah. You did. (Thinking if even the basic courtesy of returning a call was necessary.)

B: Oh yes. Now I remember, It was about……….(bla bla)

No sane person forgets who he/she had called an hour back. Yet B deliberately chose to forget, and in turn established an image of a person who has a lot of things going on in his life. In addition, B also makes A feel like a less important person.

The above example is today a common experience. Not much can be done about it other than accepting it as a new way of balancing the equations of relationships. People often try to resort to such acts when they wish to prove a point to the other person; who might have done something unreasonable to them. Whatever be the reason, whatever be the cause, you can nonetheless choose to act Pricey ! 😉