Decoding Dreams #2a Dream Problems

Second in the series of Decoding Dreams. Read on to probably understand yours, in case you remember :p Continue reading Decoding Dreams #2a Dream Problems


Decoding Dreams #1 Introduction

Thanks to a friend I could lay my hands on “Interpreting Dreams” by Sigmund Frued. I’ve already started reading this book and I have to admit its not an easy read. In fact the translator J.A. Underwood himself admits, with examples, that its extremely difficult to reproduce Freud’s work in English (from German). The introduction to the book, written by John Forrester, mentions that the … Continue reading Decoding Dreams #1 Introduction

An MBA Aspirant’s Lure

Love has no boundaries, It makes humans go weak in their knees.. Love has infinite depth, It needs just your heart, nothing else in fees.. Click here and listen to this beautiful song while you read: I happened to watch Dharma Production‘s latest 2-States today at a nearby theater. It sure is one of the best masala-stories written by Chetan Bhagat. Kudos to Chetan … Continue reading An MBA Aspirant’s Lure

Veronika decides to be a pain in my ass..!

Veronika is mad, Coelho a lunatic to write about her, and I am a fool to keep on reading his insanity-infused book. Maybe I don’t have a taste for reading such novels, gloomy, somewhat dark, irritating because it keeps on talking about same stuff time and again. A few amongst them being astonishingly surreal, like temptation of the a young girl to masturbate in front … Continue reading Veronika decides to be a pain in my ass..!