Decoding Dreams #2a Dream Problems

Second in the series of Decoding Dreams. Read on to probably understand yours, in case you remember :p


Decoding Dreams #1 Introduction

Thanks to a friend I could lay my hands on "Interpreting Dreams" by Sigmund Frued. I've already started reading this book and I have to admit its not an easy read. In fact the translator J.A. Underwood himself admits, with examples, that its extremely difficult to reproduce Freud's work in English (from German). The introduction... Continue Reading →

EAT PRAY LOVE – A Decent Read

EAT.PRAY.LOVE -A book written by Elizabeth Gilbert I was at the Mumbai International airport, waiting for my flight to Bengaluru;which got delayed by 4 hours due to Mumbai's relentless rains, when I happened to pick this book. In fact, I had wanted to buy this book since quite some time by then. The cover page... Continue Reading →

Veronika decides to be a pain in my ass..!

Veronika is mad, Coelho a lunatic to write about her, and I am a fool to keep on reading his insanity-infused book. Maybe I don't have a taste for reading such novels, gloomy, somewhat dark, irritating because it keeps on talking about same stuff time and again. A few amongst them being astonishingly surreal, like... Continue Reading →

Veronika Decides to Die

This happens to be the new book I've started reading. The story's written by Paulo Coelho. I've had the opportunity to read a good number of books by him; including Eleven Minutes, The Alchemist, The Winner stands Alone. Winner Stands Alone unfolds at snail's pace which makes it a good deal boring. It took me... Continue Reading →

End of the Geisha Saga

'Memoirs of a Geisha', the novel I was reading since last two whole weeks has finally come to it's end. It's about a Geisha who was sold to an Okiya-by her father-at a very young age. Read through my previous posts for detailed description or simply google. Well, it's a very gripping novel, so well... Continue Reading →

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