From Cows to Bitcoins

While the world lay astounded by Trump's win - stock markets crashed and dollar value plummeted, people hedged their money on gold and 'bitcoins' ( 1bitcoin=48k Rupees). Crypt-currencies AND Gold? Seriously? Although the value of Bitcoin came down after some time, the mere fact that people even considered a digital currency as a safe haven... Continue Reading →


Oblige to Thrive..?

Now this one is specific to the people who are working. How often have you seen yourself and others obliging to someone just because of her/ his authority? Answer, I believe, would be a unanimous, "quite often". In today's corporate scenario such behavior to acquiesce to one's senior has become the new norm. For instance,... Continue Reading →

Why Corruption of Thought

Corruption in my opinion has always drawn ire unlike opinions of many who see corruption as a lesser evil. However, in the past few days I have come across thoughts which, I believe, define corruption at grass root level. People and Politicians talk about doing away with the menace of corruption but deep inside they... Continue Reading →

Profoundly Corrupt but Who’s the Accused??

You hear about it all the time, it debilitates your trust in the system, makes you contemplate credibility of everything you come across. Corruption. You tune into  your favorite news channel-which specializes in accentuating slightest intricacy into a humongous headline -to hear deeds of the people at the top, held culpable of some or the other scam. Whole system... Continue Reading →

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