Development of/and Culture

I just read an article about how India is losing its cultural diversity, in the sense that people coming out of small regions; possessing talents which promote their culture, aren’t sufficiently recognized. The author is a recognized writer – booker prize winner- Arvind Adiga. He snugly states that these small regions, which are the epicenters of India’s cultural diversity aren’t infused with sufficient money so that they … Continue reading Development of/and Culture

Some Constitutional Gyaan

Our constitution is no ordinary constitution. It’s one of the world’s most comprehensive constitution. The makers of our constitution took cue from constitutions of over 60 nations, spent close to 3 years and spent roughly 64 lakhs Rupees to bring it into form. It’s Note-worthy that the amount spent on the making of the constitution was humungous- 64 lakhs spent in 1950’s is equivalent to … Continue reading Some Constitutional Gyaan

Simon Commision

Simon commission was introduced in 1927 as a 7 member committee. All 7 members were British leading to a complete boycott by the Indian parties. It was made by the government to track the progress of country, post implementation of Govt of India act 1919. The commission submitted the report in 1930 after 3 round table conferences-Attended by representatives of British India, princely states and … Continue reading Simon Commision

Right to Education Bill-An Insight

The Right to Education Bill The RTEB comes as another right to the citizens of India. From now on every child of age 6-14 can avail education as his fundamental right. The bill emphasizes on the need of quality education by setting up committees at various levels-schools, region, state and the centre. The RTEB was first introduced in August, 2009: although it’s been mulled over … Continue reading Right to Education Bill-An Insight