Finding Guru Ji

I am a person who spends approximately two hours on the road every day. Over the last couple of months, I started observing that a lot of Delhi cars have a "Guru Ji" sticker at the back. I then started questioning people around me, who this Guru was? Was it just one Guru who everyone... Continue Reading →


Feeding Techniques

''It's only the courageous who can survive the food onslaught of a sick son's mother'' - Napoleon Bonaparte, forced fed during Malaria of 1796 AD. I got Dengue fever last week. Goes without saying that my mother was worried and super-active all through out. She ensured that I ate something in every two hours. She, with... Continue Reading →

Mom’s Sales Pitch

Mom was reading the newspaper with her usual vigor when she suddenly turned towards me and posed a difficult question, "Will you take me to this wedding exhibition at Hotel Ashok? My friend has put a stall there.." Now that's my mom looking at me expectantly, knowing very well that I am least interested in... Continue Reading →

MBA101: Where is my place?

Where is my place I'm still figuring out; Where is my place Looms my biggest doubt. Is it under the sun or over the moon, Wherever it is, I want to find it soon. Is it in the hands of some political goon But tell me, why should I dance to their tune. My place... Continue Reading →

Dating a Mallu chic for Dummies

My life has been enlightened since I met this beautiful Mallu chic, however this does not come without its own set of pitfalls. Read on to find out what they are: Disclaimer: All the views expressed below are derived from my own experience. Try them at home at your own expense. She is a confused... Continue Reading →

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