Quick Chai – Savoring taste and time..

"A cup of tea keeps the monotony away", this seems to be the life-mantra of one of my dear friend. It appears that this lady has an infinite appetite for Tea - Chai in Hindi. She can have it any time anywhere, and with anyone*-pun intended. Without tea, sometimes I feel, she tends to loose the purpose of... Continue Reading →


Today my friend came in and put across a very simple thought across my confused brain. He asked me a question, which I only partially heard because I was busy messaging someone on my smartphone. When I tried to focus on what he was trying to say, he said that instead of satiating our hunger for... Continue Reading →

Murder of Intimacy

Social networking has today turned into a behemoth entity, an inseparable face of an individual's identity. I check my facebook page more than three times a day, and am still not able to satiate my curiosity-if a friend posted the latest photo we clicked together or if there's a gig in the nearby mall. It's addictive... Continue Reading →

Frayed bonds…

Back in school, I 'had' this very good friend of mine called Prerna. After school we hardly got time to meet because both of us had got so busy with our lives. Well, the point is, when our school days were ending, I always imagined her by my side-like a friend who would stay-till the... Continue Reading →

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