Quick Chai – Savoring taste and time..

“A cup of tea keeps the monotony away”, this seems to be the life-mantra of one of my dear friend. It appears that this lady has an infinite appetite for Tea – Chai in Hindi. She can have it any time anywhere, and with anyone*-pun intended. Without tea, sometimes I feel, she tends to loose the purpose of her life. 😛 

It might freak you out; just from why the the calculations perspective, but on an average a tea break in office is at least a half an hour affair. This half an hour multiplied by a regular tea-enthusiast’s craving for tea; which will be somewhere around 2-3 cups a day, is in my opinion a considerable time loss. So I, most of the times avoid such breaks and in turn tea altogether.

Then-like a savior of tea sales- we came up with the concept of Quick Chaiabbreviated to QC to give it a cult feel.;) Quick Chai or QC makes tea drinking an unplanned activity wherein anyone can get up any time, ask the other person to stall his/ her work and together rush towards the tea stall. This saves the time preceding and succeeding a tea-break as more than often these breaks are taken at non-regular times; say around 11:00 am, when not many people are willing to go. Hence, tea served and time saved**.

Go, get yourself a QC ! 😀

*She’s gonna kill me for this. Crazy fans she calls them.

**My manager’s dream. 😛


A friend’s thought..


Today my friend came in and put across a very simple thought across my confused brain. He asked me a question, which I only partially heard because I was busy messaging someone on my smartphone. When I tried to focus on what he was trying to say, he said that instead of satiating our hunger for entertainment with gadgets, we should go out and celebrate the beauty of nature; pointing to my neglect to a friends presence over a non-living smartphone.

He inadvertently forced me to give his thought my own share of thought. He was right. With time, we have prospered, earned money, got the latest gadgets in the market and for all of it, we have paid our life as a price. Instead of relishing the things which are around us; gifted by nature, we tend to concentrate upon the things which have been; to be precise, created by men. Men like you and me. Which is not bad, but to me it simply doesn’t sound right.

The other day while chatting with my friends in the office, I saw this beautiful bird; see the picture. It was a pleasure seeing this beautiful creature, its little nuances; the way it hopped from one branch to the other, the robotic fashion in which it moved its head. I felt so excited to be able to observe this bird. It was just too adorable. The next moment, when I recall, I was relaxed. Guess, the relaxation we often seek in our smart gadgets is freely radiated by nature; to each individual, class no bar, every passing second. We just need to step out !

PS: Hypocrite that I’m. Even writing this blog is not justified by that logic. 😉

Murder of Intimacy

Social networking has today turned into a behemoth entity, an inseparable face of an individual’s identity. I check my facebook page more than three times a day, and am still not able to satiate my curiosity-if a friend posted the latest photo we clicked together or if there’s a gig in the nearby mall. It’s addictive for most, however a good lot of people don’t find it appealing. As for me, I lie somewhere in between.

Piece of information: I’m logged in while I type this post.

So, social networking keeps you glued but I believe that this glue ruins the sanctity of relationships. What I mean is that people in place of bonding more-exceptions are always there-have started moving away.  Yes, this blog post caters to a select lot of people who have ample time to squander and whose priorities are skewed. I clarify because it’s a personal opinion. Zukerburg might have invented a platform for humans to socialise but I’m not confident whether he went into thorough research to arrive at it’s side-effects. Why would he? And more than that, why should he, after all he created the most diverse and extensive database of the human specie. He makes money out of it, and people adore it.

Social Networking is killing intimacy in relationships, it’s insidiously dousing the spark which keeps a relationship healthy and fruitful. One of my friend has 2000 friends on facebook, I say, what the hack, it’s stupid. When I look at the bottom left corner of my facebook page, list of friends who’re online, and because they are online most of the time, I don’t feel the need to ask how they are, to be truthful no one does. Moreover, the posts from friends keep pouring in at regular intervals, so one is automatically bound to know how his/her friend is doing, thereby making it even more unnecessary to ask or talk.

From a humungous 2000 only 5 would be there to help when one needs it, yet when one posts he/she brings the rest 1995 at par with the golden 5. Obviously there’s no harm if one doesn’t realize what he’s missing. No one can deny the pleasure of talking once in a week to a classmate-there was simply too much to share- or meeting a friend after years-with heart oozing with excitement. These momentary pleasures are today written subtly in facebook chat boxes or walls-privacy becoming the thing of past, why call a friend when he’s online all the time.  I go out, I share. I party, I share . I don’t care about the 1995 remote souls checking out my  personal pics. 

Relationship dynamics sure are taking a new turn, entering an arena vastly unexplored. What do you think, feel free to post…

Frayed bonds…

Back in school, I ‘had’ this very good friend of mine called Prerna. After school we hardly got time to meet because both of us had got so busy with our lives. Well, the point is, when our school days were ending, I always imagined her by my side-like a friend who would stay-till the end. Guess it didn’t turn out that way, slowly and insidiously we started talking lesser and lesser.
I’m a kind of person who wouldn’t care of self respect if it’s for a friend- not the best of my traits but that’s the way I’m. So, I tried contacting her, messaged her on facebook and did almost everything one could do to get in touch. In response, I discovered that she chose not to reply, not even a modest ‘Hi’. She instead chose to drift away, and infuriate me considerably, because, till this date, I don’t see a possible explanation to her behavior.
It has almost been 6 months since I last bothered myself to check her facebook profile- just to know how she is. And to my shock, I learn, that she has deleted me from her friend list as well. I assume, it’s kind of funny to wail about getting deleted from ‘someone’s’ friend list, but for me-what I always imagined-she was a very good friend.
Really miss her today.