Get together with Dancing Uncles

Background Mom – “Come back home early. We have to go to this pre-holi get together!” Me – “umm.. Not interested ma! What will I do, I don’t even know anyone!” Mom – “oh everyone is going to be there. It’s going to be fun! Emotional blackmail. More emotional blackmail” °Phone disconnects. The Reality I knew there was going to be no one to talk … Continue reading Get together with Dancing Uncles

Feeding Techniques

”It’s only the courageous who can survive the food onslaught of a sick son’s mother” – Napoleon Bonaparte, forced fed during Malaria of 1796 AD. I got Dengue fever last week. Goes without saying that my mother was worried and super-active all through out. She ensured that I ate something in every two hours. She, with due consultation from aunties of my apartment, relatives, doctors and … Continue reading Feeding Techniques

Mom’s Sales Pitch

Mom was reading the newspaper with her usual vigor when she suddenly turned towards me and posed a difficult question, “Will you take me to this wedding exhibition at Hotel Ashok? My friend has put a stall there..” Now that’s my mom looking at me expectantly, knowing very well that I am least interested in attending a ‘wedding exhibition’. Oh, but that’s also my mom … Continue reading Mom’s Sales Pitch

An MBA Aspirant’s Lure

Love has no boundaries, It makes humans go weak in their knees.. Love has infinite depth, It needs just your heart, nothing else in fees.. Click here and listen to this beautiful song while you read: I happened to watch Dharma Production‘s latest 2-States today at a nearby theater. It sure is one of the best masala-stories written by Chetan Bhagat. Kudos to Chetan … Continue reading An MBA Aspirant’s Lure