Feeding Techniques

''It's only the courageous who can survive the food onslaught of a sick son's mother'' - Napoleon Bonaparte, forced fed during Malaria of 1796 AD. I got Dengue fever last week. Goes without saying that my mother was worried and super-active all through out. She ensured that I ate something in every two hours. She, with... Continue Reading →


Short Stories #9 Mitai

Marica left Brazil to stay with Sonia in India. What she couldn't obviously leave behind was her Portuguese accent. But, she wasn't averse to other languages. For instance, she would often ask Sonia, the pronunciation of different Hindi words. One such word Sonia remembered today, on Diwali eve, was Mithai (which means sweets in English).... Continue Reading →

Short Stories #8 Limits

He asked the autowallah to take them to Maroosh Cafe, which was hardly two kilometers away. The autowallah promptly asked for 100 bucks which Karunesh bargained down to 40. They hopped in, reached the destination and found the cafe to be closed. Farzyn asked the autowallah to take a u-turn and take them to a... Continue Reading →

Short Stories #6 Sweet War

She looked at the clock and realized that it will be another one hour before Rana arrives. She wanted to serve him dinner before going to sleep. After all, she made Rana's favorite sweet today - kheer. Rana entered in exactly 59 minutes, tired and exhausted, as usual. Even before she could mention the kheer,... Continue Reading →

What sets a Doctor apart?

Oh, this sounds like a typical Quora post, but let's try to jot it down here, quickly. Um, so, I am not particularly fond of doctors but I do admire their work and 'patience' (while they handle incessant patients). Anyway, since birth, I have come across many doctors and after today's visit, I realized that... Continue Reading →

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