What sets a Doctor apart?

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Oh, this sounds like a typical Quora post, but let’s try to jot it down here, quickly. Um, so, I am not particularly fond of doctors but I do admire their work and ‘patience’ (while they handle incessant patients). Anyway, since birth, I have come across many doctors and after today’s visit, I realized that there are three things which set a doctor apart.

Disclaimer – views will read stupid, but in life, what’s not?!

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    When she’s done writing all the tablets you have to gobble down thrice a day and you meekly ask, “What about food? What to avoid?”. And she’s like, “Eat whatever, my boy!“. There and then, you know that she is the one!Image result for doctor stools

  2. You spot a silver circular top stool inside her room. Let’s admit that even Gods can’t resist rotating themselves on them. Swirl till the time doctor enters the room. Perfect entertainment, since childhood! Studies have shown that these stools lower anxiety by at least 67%.
  3. When she patiently hears out your monologue despite the fact that there are a 100 patients standing outside, for one full minute. Well, that’s really something. Oh wait, now that I think of it, I paid a thousand bucks for that consultation. Maybe, I should strike this point out!

Well that’s my list which isn’t really exhaustive (in any sense). Do share, what you feel (or not feel) about Doctors.

PS: I love doctors, including my brother.



Why: Goverdhan Pooja?

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Annakuta (the green one) with puri. Yum!

Why do I get to eat delicious Annakuta sabzi everytime, just the day after Diwali?

Well, it is Goverdhan Pooja day after all. So, I googled why this day is celebrated, and I got this. In a nutshell, Lord Krishna lifted the Goverdhan parvat (mountain) on his little finger and protected the people of Mathura from the fury of Indra (Demigod responsible for rains). Why was Indra furious? Because Lord Krishna convinced the people of Mathura that they should worship the fertile Goverdhan soil more than the rains. Guess that was enough to blow Indra’s top!

Okay, so Indra got angry, Krishna happily lifted the mountain for a week, where exactly does cooking awesome Annakuta fit in? I mean, seriously, who would have cared for such tasty food amid of this drama? Although I couldn’t find a definite answer but here’s my reasoning:

A small replica of Goverdhan mountain is constructed with a lot of different food items to celebrate this day. In a similar way, the Annakuta subzi is made with a small amount of a lot of different vegetables. Well, that’s the maximum correlation I could establish. If interested, check the recipe here.

Phew, whatever be the reason, the taste of this sabzi is just too good!