Imperfect is Beautiful..!

Bollywood has seen a glut of poor cinema in the recent times. Such cinema has lacked both content and genuine substance, many being remade with new actors, many being re-released for no obvious reason and many simply copied either from Hollywood or our very own southern cinema. However, a glimpse of Kangna Ranaut in QUEEN can considerably reinstate one’s faith in Bollywood. The movie based … Continue reading Imperfect is Beautiful..!

Does Jaipur deserve your heart?

Jaipur, the Pink City, the capital of Rajasthan has a lot to offer. In this piece let’s try to explore if it has all to lure your heart. The city should be examined from its conservative culture, restrictions, its rich history and architecture. The pink city which boasts of clear blue skies and is also a home to numerous exotic birds. The roads and civic amenities in this … Continue reading Does Jaipur deserve your heart?

The Ingrained Nuances

Women, quite a controversial topic to write on, but an equally interesting one. A few days back I was travelling back home in Garib Rath. It was a pleasant journey until a group of teenage girls started playing loud English music; and singing along too. While I lay peacefully on my dear upper berth and tried to catch some sleep, these young ladies ensured that my sleep-deprived … Continue reading The Ingrained Nuances