Short Stories #14 Three Words

They knew it was coming, sooner or later. So they decided that they will take a call before she boards the flight. Two hours of continuous discussion, silence and tears finally put an end to their once beautiful relationship. She boarded 6E 412, he took an Uber. Both anxiously stared at their reflective phone screens to notice if the notification light turned green. She called … Continue reading Short Stories #14 Three Words

Short Stories #11 Stranger Beings – the other side

He was traveling to Jaipur when he came across a Stranger Things 2 meme on his Facebook feed. It made him realize how work has kept him away from everything he enjoyed doing. After all, this wasn’t how he was until a year back. He used to go out with friends, watch Netflix and spend most of his time after work with his lover. A … Continue reading Short Stories #11 Stranger Beings – the other side

Short Stories #10 Stranger Beings

Stranger Things 2 had come out on Netflix. It was exactly a year back when they watched the first season together, all episodes in one night. She remembers how they cozily lied on a single bed, his head on her shoulder, hers on his head. Tonight while watching the second season by herself, she missed him. For some reason, every time she missed him, she … Continue reading Short Stories #10 Stranger Beings

Short Stories #4 The Pandit

She was worried about her daughter who just ended a toxic relationship. She had faith in her daughter’s ability to find another mate but was concerned about the relationships reaching their logical end. So, she took the next logical step of consulting a universal SME aka Pandit. The Pandit quelled all her fears citing favorable alignment of planets. She happily returned home to discover a … Continue reading Short Stories #4 The Pandit