Work Culture JCB India, HQ

If you consider getting abused is the worst thing that can happen to you, then in my opinion JCB is a good option. You must wonder why I consider it a good bet, that’s because speaking ill of somebody behind the back doesn’t happen at JCB. Whatever be the intent, it’s straight in your face. However, dealing with profanity isn’t as beautiful an experience.

Mood in the office is mostly tense yet the employees manage to infuse laughter spells every now and then. There have been instances when uncontrollable-discreet laughter has put me in embarrassing situations. Don’t regret them though. 😀

The JCB Handshake: Every JCB employee, no matter what his-‘her’ is remote– designation is coherent when it comes to shaking hands. Being unfamiliar with their peculiar handshake-ritual I often fell victim to its solitary yet demanding nature. Let me explain. The person walks towards you, shakes hand, asks you how you’re doing, and by the time you put together an answer he’s already 200m away, leaving you feeling not so good about yourself because you didn’t ask him what he’s been up to. But how on earth can someone produce both the answer and the question itself to the person who’s not willing to stop. Man, he’s now a Km away already. One may argue that this happens in everyday life, but that’s just not the case here. Handshakes here are not formalities, they are meant by, sadly people just don’t have enough time to hang out…

It’s the Sense of Urgency which drives them…



Enter JCB India, HQ

I’m no supplier of JCB nor do I own one. Putting up the video is to ensure that people reading get the picture of what I’m gonna talk about in the next couple of posts.

Interning at JCB is pretty cool. It took me few weeks to absorb the enormity of this MNC-specializing in producing backhoe loaders. Their manufacturing facility at Ballabgarh, India boasts of unparalleled productivity;100 machines a day, which besides manufacturing their trademark backhoes also manufactures couple of Pick nCarry cranes per day.

Security guards at JCB are unfriendly, always scrutinizing the remotest thing one may care about carrying in or out of the plant; be it a simple pen or a measuring tape. It was not surprising that in first few days these were the people-not my mentor-who managed to strike my composure off-balance, always giving warnings of different genre. Once for instance, he tells me to wear formal pants and gives a warning that he wont let me in the next day, if I come wearing jeans. He’s definitely not wrong in letting me know about the dress code, but why he? Who is he to tell me all the bull shit when people in office don’t mind. Albeit, by month end, I mustered enough confidence to tell him that he has no authority what-so-ever.

Thereafter, it was both rough and a smooth journey in the next 4 months….