Hello Happiness!

My grandfather (baba) underwent a heart procedure a couple of weeks back. While he’s recovering steadily, guests and relatives keep pouring in every now and then to see how he’s doing. Same drill for the family and him, almost every time. Today however, was a bit different. It was his (deceased) elder brother’s wife (bhabhi) who visited.

Baba was resting in his room when I entered and told him that his bhabhi has come to see him. He immediately got up, put on his slippers and started walking towards the drawing room. She was delighted to see her brother-in-law slowly walking towards the sofa and tapped her right hand asking him to sit by her side. My grandfather, delighted and happy, went and occupied the seat his bhabhi kept. She patted on his back, like a close friend would do, asking if he was doing okay. Both of them broke into their list of 1000 topics. Happiness in these two hours was inherent and came effortlessly.

It made me realize that what matters the most in life, or what gives us maximum happiness is good relationships. Googled it and figured that I wasn’t quite wrong. A Harvard study which spanned 75 years has also arrived at something similar.  Here’s a related TED video link.

What’s your take? Dare not go against Harvard! 😛



The Ingrained Nuances

Women, quite a controversial topic to write on, but an equally interesting one. A few days back I was travelling back home in Garib Rath. It was a pleasant journey until a group of teenage girls started playing loud English music; and singing along too. While I lay peacefully on my dear upper berth and tried to catch some sleep, these young ladies ensured that my sleep-deprived body didn’t get a bit of it. Sudden bursts of uncontrolled laughter, groans, hitting against the compartment partition were among the few highlights of the chaos which the Gang joyously perpetrated.

So, I got down, pulled my laptop out and tried to do something productive; ended up watching Les Miserables. There was a couple travelling with me in my compartment. They must be in their late 30’s, I guess. The lady, like me, was trying real hard to sleep, but to her delight- pun intended, the Gang was a pro at creating a ruckus. Each time her sleep broke, she in her half senses, moved her neck; as if searching for a prey, and after some time went back to sleep. Not to forget, the little abuses she uttered in praise of the Gang. This was quite normal till the time she began to urge her husband to go and ask the Gang to keep quiet. Her husband, initially puzzled; which is obvious, by his wife’s demand tried to explain her that the kids were having fun and that it’s highly unlikely that they would budge. What followed was a look which was sharp, mean, spiteful, demeaning, insulting, demanding, unruly all at the same time. It was a look which told the husband; poor man, that it was an order and that an order is to be followed, not reasoned. End result, husband tried to tell the Gang that it isn’t in their best interest to make noise and that consequences await. The Gang, true to their sobriquet didn’t quite mend their ways of sharing/ spreading happiness. Outcome: The lady got up, sat be my side and started looking into my laptop’s screen. Annoying!

Women, often urge men to do things which men generally won’t/ don’t do. Their look, post their demand/ order will make the man capitulate. In some cases, the look is a question mark on the man’s masculinity too. Women lampooning the man with, maybe, “You can’t even ask the kids to shut up?!”. There is simply no running away. Worst, they are masters at it. But, I believe, that it is the part and parcel of the package and that for a breed so amazing in so many aspects, one shortcoming can be overlooked.

An Add-On to the Proposal Night ;)

I happened to write this short poem, it’s called The Proposal. It’s my first poem. Shared it with a couple of friends who suggested that I put it up here. So here I go..

The Proposal 

Don’t quite know, what I should say..

Don’t really know from where to begin..

There is something surreal about you,

Sometimes I feel that it was always true..

The depth of your eyes, so much talking they do,

Not a word uttered, yet the unconveyed is so few..

There is, I feel, nothing simple about you,

In real, the complexity itself, is the beauty in you..

So it’s a proposal for you to share without hesitations..

I don’t know when it occurred to me,

But I’m glad it did..

For a person so beautiful ‘inside’,

Only fool should wait to confide..

I must admit that by that logic even I’m a fool, to some extent,

But when I’m with you, it’s every second well spent..

So it’s a proposal to seek your coveted company..

To be frank, I feel like an ass! Don’t even know if you’re one of those single few,

The way it happens in movies, first the background check, then the colorful hue..

Guess I had to tell you, nonetheless,

Because if I hadn’t it would have been an insult to your aura,

Which enthused me to write this piece and acquaint you of your own gorgeous nuances..

So it’s a proposal to seek ‘You’!

Just wish I could put your hair behind your ears,

So that your eloquent face could lighten the spaces around,

So that the magnificence gods have endowed can be revealed,

So that the glow can bring grace to everything that surrounds

So it’s a proposal to seek liberties to know you more..

Your swagger, n your smile, your sound n your scent,

Everything is so exquisite about you..

Your XYZ* for instance is so cute,

And the way you blush if pointed out is even better..

And now that u smile, I’ve to tell you, you’re so complete..!

Can’t imagine anyone who can even compete..!

So it’s a proposal to let me into your life..

ABC** was devastating, never knew the way feelings manifest,

You were leaving for ABC**, and my heart was at unrest..

Wait till this day, believe me, was traumatic,

But I know my life will be in place, once our relationship is symbiotic!

 So it’s a proposal for you to choose between red or yellow, either ways our relationship will be beautiful and mellow.. ACT***


  • XYZ* – Here you can mention any of her special quality, habit, which is specific to her.
  • ABC** – This could be a moment where you were separated for a short interval. For instance, if she goes to some other place for higher education, you can write, “When you went to Mumbai
  •  ACT*** – This is where you put two roses on the table, for her to choose 🙂

So, if you’re thinking of making your proposal night special, then this piece might just do the magic. In fact, if you need any help; in form of a customized poem, feel free to mail me at epicureanviews@gmail.com