Short Stories #6 Sweet War

She looked at the clock and realized that it will be another one hour before Rana arrives. She wanted to serve him dinner before going to sleep. After all, she made Rana's favorite sweet today - kheer. Rana entered in exactly 59 minutes, tired and exhausted, as usual. Even before she could mention the kheer,... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Baba Reality (BR)

Today, on the dining table, I asked by baba (grandfather) to tell me a story. He asked me what sort of story I wanted to hear. I told him to pick any incident from his school days. Baba went quiet for almost two minutes. He would often take long pauses between conversations. Although this time,... Continue Reading →

My Inspiration

I was travelling back to Delhi 3 days back. My grandparents were to board the same train, but from Agra. As the train began to slow down at Agra station, I looked out for them, scanning the station properly first through the window, and then at the door. I discovered that they were standing at... Continue Reading →

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