The T-Shirt Story #6 The New Routine

Read part #1 Introduction here | Read part #5 Belongingness here Starting 27th February, 2017, Adya did the same thing every morning. She used to unlatch the cupboard, hold the two doors by her hands, stare at me and pick one of the other (earlier neglected) t-shirts to wear. There were a few days when she cried (a lot) and there were others when she … Continue reading The T-Shirt Story #6 The New Routine

The T-Shirt Story #1 Introduction

Hello everybody! Let me take a couple of lines to introduce myself. I was manufactured at a small garment factory located in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu on 26th November, 2015. Right after that, I was separated from my 50,000 grey shade twins and sold to an apparel brand. I didn’t understand brands back then. It was only later when a stamp of Forever 21 was put … Continue reading The T-Shirt Story #1 Introduction

Short Stories #17 Tears of Belief

Tears kept flowing down his cheeks, right to the back of his neck. He never used to get so emotional, at least not in broad day light and when people were around. Today however, for some reason, he cried incessantly. After feeling a bit embarrassed and verifying through the corner of his eye if anyone around noticed, he began to think why he got all … Continue reading Short Stories #17 Tears of Belief