Get together with Dancing Uncles

Background Mom – “Come back home early. We have to go to this pre-holi get together!” Me – “umm.. Not interested ma! What will I do, I don’t even know anyone!” Mom – “oh everyone is going to be there. It’s going to be fun! Emotional blackmail. More emotional blackmail” °Phone disconnects. The Reality I knew there was going to be no one to talk … Continue reading Get together with Dancing Uncles

Short Stories #16 The Marriage Runner

I was ready in my favourite golden-yellow blazer, black trousers, pointed brown shoes and a perfect matching bow. Little did I know that getting ready on time for mama’s (mother’s brother) wedding was going to take me to at least 20 rooms in the hotel where the accommodation was arranged. “Rishabh, go ask aunt Chitra how much time she will take to get ready”, came … Continue reading Short Stories #16 The Marriage Runner

Short Stories #12 The Disappointed Rider Pt 1

After a tiring day at office, he opened the Uber app to book his ride back. He could find a cab after three failed attempts. Obviously, he was relieved once he got into the cab. Three minutes into the journey, he unlocked his phone to check Facebook. The uber app was still open. Out of curiosity he clicked on the top left corner where Uber … Continue reading Short Stories #12 The Disappointed Rider Pt 1

Development of/and Culture

I just read an article about how India is losing its cultural diversity, in the sense that people coming out of small regions; possessing talents which promote their culture, aren’t sufficiently recognized. The author is a recognized writer – booker prize winner- Arvind Adiga. He snugly states that these small regions, which are the epicenters of India’s cultural diversity aren’t infused with sufficient money so that they … Continue reading Development of/and Culture