Hello Happiness!

My grandfather (baba) underwent a heart procedure a couple of weeks back. While he’s recovering steadily, guests and relatives keep pouring in every now and then to see how he’s doing. Same drill for the family and him, almost every time. Today however, was a bit different. It was his (deceased) elder brother’s wife (bhabhi) who visited.

Baba was resting in his room when I entered and told him that his bhabhi has come to see him. He immediately got up, put on his slippers and started walking towards the drawing room. She was delighted to see her brother-in-law slowly walking towards the sofa and tapped her right hand asking him to sit by her side. My grandfather, delighted and happy, went and occupied the seat his bhabhi kept. She patted on his back, like a close friend would do, asking if he was doing okay. Both of them broke into their list of 1000 topics. Happiness in these two hours was inherent and came effortlessly.

It made me realize that what matters the most in life, or what gives us maximum happiness is good relationships. Googled it and figured that I wasn’t quite wrong. A Harvard study which spanned 75 years has also arrived at something similar.  Here’s a related TED video link.

What’s your take? Dare not go against Harvard! 😛



Reverse State Of Existence

Today I’m gonna write something out of the box, a theory which is on an entirely different line. Human beings have through ages, consumed inebriating comodities to detach themselves from the world and experience instances which ‘they believe’ are unwordly. All religions in some or other way despise consumption of alcohol and drugs, labelling their consumption as sinful. People however, have paid heed to these religious-notions to whatever extent they feel is reasonable. In other words, most of the people have continually tried to strike a balance between being sinful and not missing out on enjoyment, either by regularizing consumption or by asking for forgivance through prayers.

What do drugs do?
To put it simply, they make fantasies real, liberating the person from shackles of pain and misery and placing him in scenarios where happiness kisses his feet; everything is blurry and vague but at least he’s away from all suffering. Meditation on the other hand is another instrument which takes you into another realm;detached from worldly pleasures and pains, however, i agree that its approach is clean.

This notion of achieving similar-detached-state through 2 different routes, urged me to think further. What if, we as a race are highly mistaken on our beliefs, in the sense that maybe in reality the state of inebriation is the actual state of a human being, because this is where his happiness is maximum. Please don’t mistake my theory, for an attempt to promote consumption of liquor or drugs, I took their example because many have experienced ‘The Godly State’ through them. What I propose is rather a different route, it’s the route of meditation which is largely unexplored.

So, if happiness isn’t synonymous with sobriety, it’s time to let go, and attain ‘The High’.