Two Soul-o, Beach! You are the best..

I’ve been traveling across Philippines over the past few days, and every time I see a beach, I tend to feel how much better can it get anyway. Like, c’mon! This happened first when I visited Damuluan Beach in Bohol. It was so beautiful that I started questioning if Boracay beaches can be any more beautiful?! Especially when it’s a known fact that Boracay is … Continue reading Two Soul-o, Beach! You are the best..

Short Stories #14 Three Words

They knew it was coming, sooner or later. So they decided that they will take a call before she boards the flight. Two hours of continuous discussion, silence and tears finally put an end to their once beautiful relationship. She boarded 6E 412, he took an Uber. Both anxiously stared at their reflective phone screens to notice if the notification light turned green. She called … Continue reading Short Stories #14 Three Words

Reached Kufri, not sure what to do with your life?

I made a two day Shimla-Kufri trip a few days back and finally discovered the worst hill station of India! And wait, it’s Kufri which sucks not Shimla (which btw is lovely). Situated approximately an hour away from Shimla (by car), this place wins at being the worst for the following simple (and annoying) reasons – Dust finer than Delhi’s PM 2.5/ 10 to suffocate … Continue reading Reached Kufri, not sure what to do with your life?

Short Stories #12 The Disappointed Rider Pt 1

After a tiring day at office, he opened the Uber app to book his ride back. He could find a cab after three failed attempts. Obviously, he was relieved once he got into the cab. Three minutes into the journey, he unlocked his phone to check Facebook. The uber app was still open. Out of curiosity he clicked on the top left corner where Uber … Continue reading Short Stories #12 The Disappointed Rider Pt 1

Short Stories #11 Stranger Beings – the other side

He was traveling to Jaipur when he came across a Stranger Things 2 meme on his Facebook feed. It made him realize how work has kept him away from everything he enjoyed doing. After all, this wasn’t how he was until a year back. He used to go out with friends, watch Netflix and spend most of his time after work with his lover. A … Continue reading Short Stories #11 Stranger Beings – the other side

Short Stories #10 Stranger Beings

Stranger Things 2 had come out on Netflix. It was exactly a year back when they watched the first season together, all episodes in one night. She remembers how they cozily lied on a single bed, his head on her shoulder, hers on his head. Tonight while watching the second season by herself, she missed him. For some reason, every time she missed him, she … Continue reading Short Stories #10 Stranger Beings

Feeding Techniques

”It’s only the courageous who can survive the food onslaught of a sick son’s mother” – Napoleon Bonaparte, forced fed during Malaria of 1796 AD. I got Dengue fever last week. Goes without saying that my mother was worried and super-active all through out. She ensured that I ate something in every two hours. She, with due consultation from aunties of my apartment, relatives, doctors and … Continue reading Feeding Techniques