Short Stories: #2 The Diary


He loved it at first glance, the beautiful cover, just the right size, perfect page thickness and of course bought with love!

She switched worlds, but the diary stuck by. In the end, only the diary knew what they should have known.


Short Stories: #1 Gone Girl

Image result for gone girlOctober 2014

She was sweet, intelligent and different, nowhere close to ordinary. How could he have said no for a movie? So, they took a cab to PVR Plaza, CP where he had booked corner seats, obviously, without keeping her in the know.

She whispered in his ear that her friends see stark similarities between her and the protagonist’s wife (Amy), and that he should be worried. He couldn’t help but ignore and laugh, because she was too sweet and nice to act like Amy (who showed symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder)

They kissed before the movie ended.

October 2015

He couldn’t ever fully understand her emotions and she was fed up of his expectations. Together, they decided to quit the relationship.

February 2016

He was diagnosed with three emotional stress related health problems. The first, took away a few of his hearing frequencies, the second his digestive system and the third his sense of personal identity.

He realized that her friends weren’t entirely wrong. Outcomes matched! She was the gone girl!



What sets a Doctor apart?

Image result for doctor and thinking patient

Oh, this sounds like a typical Quora post, but let’s try to jot it down here, quickly. Um, so, I am not particularly fond of doctors but I do admire their work and ‘patience’ (while they handle incessant patients). Anyway, since birth, I have come across many doctors and after today’s visit, I realized that there are three things which set a doctor apart.

Disclaimer – views will read stupid, but in life, what’s not?!

  1. Image result for ghevar

    When she’s done writing all the tablets you have to gobble down thrice a day and you meekly ask, “What about food? What to avoid?”. And she’s like, “Eat whatever, my boy!“. There and then, you know that she is the one!Image result for doctor stools

  2. You spot a silver circular top stool inside her room. Let’s admit that even Gods can’t resist rotating themselves on them. Swirl till the time doctor enters the room. Perfect entertainment, since childhood! Studies have shown that these stools lower anxiety by at least 67%.
  3. When she patiently hears out your monologue despite the fact that there are a 100 patients standing outside, for one full minute. Well, that’s really something. Oh wait, now that I think of it, I paid a thousand bucks for that consultation. Maybe, I should strike this point out!

Well that’s my list which isn’t really exhaustive (in any sense). Do share, what you feel (or not feel) about Doctors.

PS: I love doctors, including my brother.



Mom’s Sales Pitch


Mom was reading the newspaper with her usual vigor when she suddenly turned towards me and posed a difficult question, “Will you take me to this wedding exhibition at Hotel Ashok? My friend has put a stall there..” Now that’s my mom looking at me expectantly, knowing very well that I am least interested in attending a ‘wedding exhibition’. Oh, but that’s also my mom and as a good son I should take her wherever she wants.

So, I said NO :p and instead threw back a logical question, “What in world will I do there while you hop around Mom?” Little did I know that she was more prepared than a pack of ready-to-eat poha (oh snap! forgive me 😛 ). She immediately pointed her finger at the single guy on the full page ad of the exhibition in Delhi Times and said, “See there is stuff for you as well, so you will have fun!”, and we laughed.

I am writing this piece just to log how I got sold on her illogical sales pitch, again, before we leave for the exhibition (in the next 30 minutes).


Welcome to Baba Reality (BR)

Today, on the dining table, I asked by baba (grandfather) to tell me a story. He asked me what sort of story I wanted to hear. I told him to pick any incident from his school days. Baba went quiet for almost two minutes. He would often take long pauses between conversations. Although this time, while finishing the last bites of his meal, I knew he was thinking hard.

These two minutes made my mind start guessing what sort of story he will tell. Although before I could make up my mind, he kicked off today’s story. He took me back to 1947 when India got independence and when he was still in class 9. This story was about how he moved to a school in Kanpur, UP (India) because the school in his town wasn’t accredited to teach beyond class 8. But then, there were a series of events which brought him back to his original school, including the government’s grant of the accreditation.

While I won’t classify today’s story as one of the bests – because the best ones are about his dad’s luxury cars or camels and the gold smugglers, I did realize today, how beautifully my baba narrates stories. The expressions, the pauses and the description of the scene invariably sends you back in time and experience every bit. If I were to use a fancy name, I would use Baba Reality (screw you AR/ VR :P). Interestingly, all the nuances of his story telling skills are very similar to what is taught in business communication. Guess my coach is sitting right here, inside my house!

So, here’s to Baba Reality (BR). Cheers!

Do put in the comments if you have had similar experience with your grandparents 🙂


Hello Happiness!

My grandfather (baba) underwent a heart procedure a couple of weeks back. While he’s recovering steadily, guests and relatives keep pouring in every now and then to see how he’s doing. Same drill for the family and him, almost every time. Today however, was a bit different. It was his (deceased) elder brother’s wife (bhabhi) who visited.

Baba was resting in his room when I entered and told him that his bhabhi has come to see him. He immediately got up, put on his slippers and started walking towards the drawing room. She was delighted to see her brother-in-law slowly walking towards the sofa and tapped her right hand asking him to sit by her side. My grandfather, delighted and happy, went and occupied the seat his bhabhi kept. She patted on his back, like a close friend would do, asking if he was doing okay. Both of them broke into their list of 1000 topics. Happiness in these two hours was inherent and came effortlessly.

It made me realize that what matters the most in life, or what gives us maximum happiness is good relationships. Googled it and figured that I wasn’t quite wrong. A Harvard study which spanned 75 years has also arrived at something similar.  Here’s a related TED video link.

What’s your take? Dare not go against Harvard! 😛


From Cows to Bitcoins

Image result for cows vs bitcoins

While the world lay astounded by Trump’s win – stock markets crashed and dollar value plummeted, people hedged their money on gold and ‘bitcoins’ ( 1bitcoin=48k Rupees). Crypt-currencies AND Gold? Seriously?

Although the value of Bitcoin came down after some time, the mere fact that people even considered a digital currency as a safe haven itself is a leap.

Interestingly, today, my grandfather was sharing with me how ‘Gaudhan‘ (having cows) was once considered money. It made me wonder how far (for good or bad, depends) we have come in terms of money, from Cows which gave actual value (satisfied hunger) to fiat currencies of today like dollar/ rupee (not backed by physical commodity) to crypt-currencies like Bitcoins/ Ether/ Ripple (which don’t even have physical form). Perhaps, currencies, in lieu of keeping up with growing consumerism are losing their value/ form.

However, things (if at all they sound that way) aren’t all that bad as the technology (Block Chain Tech) behind Bitcoins, if adopted universally has the potential to do greater good. Block chain technology builds transparency and trust into the present day systems by distributing the power (data) among all its users. So, no worries about one’s money either ,as where it goes, what it buys, who it’s with, everything is recorded and distributed (not your money, data).

So, what’s your bet? Trump, Gold, Bitcoins or Cows?