school time romances

She hung up abruptly, whispering that her sister entered the room, leaving him again, in a spell of longing, crushing him every passing second..

Reminds me of school – those times when landline numbers were written on a crumpled piece of paper and given to special ones. Then followed a series of calls, blank calls and careful murmurs right into the telephone receiver. Wasn’t that cool in its own sense?! Pour in your views in the comments section.. 😉


Dating a Mallu chic for Dummies

My life has been enlightened since I met this beautiful Mallu chic, however this does not come without its own set of pitfalls. Read on to find out what they are:

Disclaimer: All the views expressed below are derived from my own experience. Try them at home at your own expense.

  1. She is a confused Indian: Is she from a forbidden country in the Middle East? Does she have a fancy accent? Does she think too high of herself? Am I confusing you? Ok. Have you ever heard her make the following remark:
    ‘McDonald’s!, who eats at McDonald’s?’
    Well, now you know you’re in big trouble.
  2. The great wall of language barriers: If your chic does not speak Hindi and you are a north Indian guy like me you have three options:
    a. You take a course on sign language
    b. You learn Malayalam
    c. You pretend to be dumb (which kind of compliments the sign language point 😉 )
  3. Turmoil of the cuisines: Food for her is sometimes just a cup of coffee or a bag of chips. Yeah that chapati and dal which was always a complete meal for you would now be a distant dream 😉
    Also, be prepared for rice, a lot of rice.
  4.  What is love? If she happens to compete with you in every single hobby of your and beats the shit out of you then just admit that your game is over. You definitely need to go try your luck on someone else now! And BTW love = competition for her 😉

Hope that you now know what things you need to take care of in case you want to date a Mallu chic. All the best!





Call it a Day(t)?


Me: hey! You know what there is an awesome sweet shop nearby. We should definitely go there sometime. **thinking whether she will go**

She: Wow! I’ve been dying to have sweets since forever. Umm, we should go there sometime.

Me: Yup, whenever you say, maybe tomorrow


4:15 PM

She: Hey dude! Are we going?

Me: **seriously, she actually wants to go? with me?** Yeah, why not

She: Okay tell me what time you wanna leave.

Me: **right away girl** I’ve some work right now, let’s leave at 5:30?

She: Okay, I’ll go get ready

Me to another friend: Dude I’m going out with her. Yayyy!

Friend: Yeah ok! **don’t give a damn bro**

5:15 PM

Me texting her: “Umm, we’re going right?”

She texts back: “Yeah dude!”

5:30 PM

**Outside college gate, waiting for her to turn up and hiding from friends enjoying a smoke at the corner**

5:35:34 PM

**See her coming from far. Love at first sight. Naa, oh wait, maybe!**

5:35:36 PM

**Me smiling, waving my hand to stop an auto and gradually see her expression change**

5:35:37 PM

**The auto, she and me, all together at one spot**

Me: Hey wassup! Quickly get it in please **Me checking secretly if someone noticed, hopefully no one**

She: **After the auto starts moving** You know what, I really don’t want sweets, they spoil my diet.

Me: Mhmm, so would you want to go to CP? **What’s harm in trying, maybe she says yes**

She: Yeah, let’s go there! It should be fun! Wait, I’ll inform Radhika & Anshuman that we are now going to CP.

Me: Whaat! Why them? **what is this, a double date. I don’t like double dates!!**

She: Yeah, didn’t you ask them to come?

Me: No. Why woul.. I thought that only we two are going out. **shocked**

She: Umm.. no! I thought we are all going out together.


**Auto stuck in jam, barely moving**

**Should I just get down and call it day or stick by and make it a date?**

Me: **After 2 minutes of blank mind** Should I ask the auto to take us back to Laxmi Nagar?

She: Umm..

**Interrupting her**

Me: Or we just call it a date! Just us two **with a wide silly grin on my face**

**She smiled, I nodded**