The T-Shirt Story #6 The New Routine

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Starting 27th February, 2017, Adya did the same thing every morning. She used to unlatch the cupboard, hold the two doors by her hands, stare at me and pick one of the other (earlier neglected) t-shirts to wear. There were a few days when she cried (a lot) and there were others when she was almost mechanical. She even stopped meeting Rehan now. I knew what could have happened.

I felt miserable. Adya, the one person in the world who loved me had stopped loving and wearing me. I missed the gentle touch of her skin and the feel of her wet curls right after she took a bath. Over the next three months, Adya stopped staring at me or even looking for me. Another six months went by as I got lost in Adya’s cupboard, now filled with a lot of other expensive dresses, t-shirts, perfumes, handbags and what not?! She wore everything she had, even the t-shirts older than me, but not me.

One fine morning, when her eyes fell on me, she paused for a short moment and then quickly took out another t-shirt to wear. I noticed her eyes getting moist. She wasn’t over Rehan, at least not completely.

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