The T-Shirt Story #5 Belongingness

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Adya loved me. She used to wear me all the time outside of attending college. She wore me when she went for a stroll with Rehan in the night, when she went to sleep and even when she lazily dragged herself to the college mess for breakfast. She shared a special bond with me. Perhaps because I was designed and gifted by Rehan. In those few hours between getting washed and getting picked from the cupboard to be worn again, I began to feel this sense of superiority over her other t-shirts. Come what may, she would invariably pick me every single time. Over the course of next one year, I observed her other t-shirts get old and weary while just lying in the cupboard.

A very strange thing happened on the morning of 27th February, 2017. I was lying idle inside Adya’s cupboard, waiting to be picked and worn when I heard Adya’s steps approach towards the cupboard. She unlatched the cupboard, held the two doors by her hands and kept staring at me blankly. Her eyes were teary. Something was wrong.

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