The T-Shirt Story #3 Gifted

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It was 20 minutes before midnight when I was grabbed and hurriedly thrown into the Forever 21 bag. On one hand I felt at home inside the cosy paper bag and on the other hand I felt cranky for being woken up so late in the night. Don’t get shocked! As t-shirts, we also need proper sleep to keep our fronts wrinkle free and fresh. I could notice my owner sweat, as he ran towards somewhere, swinging me back and forth inside the bag. For some reason, I began to sense that he was going to gift me to Adya tonight.

“Ah, your face again! Loser! What did you get me? Show!”, I heard a playful female voice articulate those words. Almost immediately, I could see my owner and a girl kissing passionately from the open end of the bag. “I made this for you Adya!”, my owner said while tilting his face slightly towards me. Yet again, I was hurriedly pulled out of the bag, but this time by a very soft hand. She looked like a girl in her early 20s with beautiful black eyes, oval shaped face and a pointed nose. Her hair was messily tied in form of a bun with a few loose tendrils tucked behind her ears. She looked like most of the young lovely ladies who visited the Forever 21 store.

“Rehan, I love the design! You of all went to Forever 21 to get this for me! I love you! Thank you!”, said Adya excitedly. Rehan – finally I knew the name of my owner. They kissed again and then took a stroll before going back to their respective hostels.

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