The T-Shirt Story #2 The New Owner

Read #1 Introduction here..

My new owner was a young man completing his graduation from University of Mumbai. He bought me as a gift for someone. I figured out all this while lying in the Forever 21 bag from which he never bothered to pull me out. On 1st February, I heard him complain to his friend that he still hadn’t painted the t-shirt he got for Adya. I got super curious! Who was Adya? Was she a nice lady? Why in world did he want to paint me? Did I have no say in what people do to me? I wanted answers!

The next morning, he pulled me out and placed me flat on the tiled floor. My immediate concern (perhaps owing to my Forever 21 lineage) was cleanliness of the floor. Luckily the floor was cleaned just a few hours back. He started making different shapes on me with red and blue paint. As t-shirts, we can’t see what we look like till the time we are in front of mirrors. So, I let him exercise his liberty. His expressions made me feel like he was slowly able to achieve what he imagined me to look like. After three hours of his creativity and my submissiveness, I was ready (at least in his eyes). I was then left on the floor for the next three hours to dry under the (dirty) ceiling fan of his room. I felt a bit violated, but also a bit new. It was a strange feeling. Questions, however, still remained unanswered.

Once the paint dried, he knelt down and caressed the design he made on me. His hand moved in a very complex pattern, leaving me unaware about what the actual design was. All I knew was that he was exhilarated with his work!

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