Finding Guru Ji

I am a person who spends approximately two hours on the road every day. Over the last couple of months, I started observing that a lot of Delhi cars have a “Guru Ji” sticker at the back. I then started questioning people around me, who this Guru was? Was it just one Guru who everyone followed or multiple Gurus (with one generic name)? Basically, I wanted to know the genesis of this omnipresent sticker.

My mom and my friends didn’t have any explanation. As the days passed by, the number of stickers I started noticing each day increased. Maybe, I was just looking for them (especially when there was nothing else to do in long traffic jams), or maybe they were finding me. Weird?! No! What followed, however, was..

My Mamaji (mother’s elder brother) visited us yesterday. He told me in advance that he wanted to visit a temple near Chhatarpur, Delhi. So, we got into my car and drove to this temple called Bade Mandir. And, if you haven’t already figured, this was the temple of the same Guru Ji whose sticker I was inquiring about. What were the odds?!

What I saw inside this temple was not something I could understand completely. For instance Gurdwara like sense of service or the fact that I could only see upper class people (every fifth car being a luxury car) or why so many people were worshiping Guru Ji etc.

However, the thing I was most worried about was seeing a Guru Ji sticker behind my own car. So, I quelled my curious mind and rushed back to my car.. No sticker, yes! Of course, wishes were getting fulfilled at this temple.. 😛

For the curious mind –

PS: All views expressed above are personal. Don’t intend to hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.


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