Reached Kufri, not sure what to do with your life?

I made a two day Shimla-Kufri trip a few days back and finally discovered the worst hill station of India! And wait, it’s Kufri which sucks not Shimla (which btw is lovely). Situated approximately an hour away from Shimla (by car), this place wins at being the worst for the following simple (and annoying) reasons –

  1. Dust finer than Delhi’s PM 2.5/ 10 to suffocate you. Promise, you’ll end up like Mukesh from “Dhumrapan padega mehenga” ad shown before every movie
  2. Dust finer than Delhi’s PM 2.5/ 10 to make you feel like an old abandoned furniture item. This dust makes itself at home on your clothes, specs, face and hair alike. No double standards, you see! It doesn’t utter a word, but makes you feel unwanted like the old abandoned furniture item
  3. Omnipresent horses and their droppings ‘always’ keep you on your toes. Ah, and that fancy pair you bought to trek or run or for whatever purpose, is gone, forever

I know, I am cribbing too much but then this place earned it. Anyway, I thought I will write this piece to help people make the best out of their trip to Kufri, if they happen to be there when it isn’t snowing. Here’s the list –

  1. Win the race of reaching Kufri – it starts getting crowded around 10-11 AM. So be there by 9:00 AM. Costs only a small compromise on the sleep the night before
  2. Take the horses – life is short and one must not torture self. Especially when it is just for Rs 500
  3. See far off, unimportant places through telescopes – Once you reach the top and realize there’s nothing much to do, go to Telescope Point. They show you close to 9-10 places, which are as far as 400 Kms. These places include some apple harvest village, far off temple 1, far off temple 2, India-China border etc. The guide also tells a story behind each place. So, be the curious tourist @ Rs 200 per person
    That’s me being curious and looking funny at the same time! #Multitasking
  4. Take the adventure activities package – believe me there’s nothing better to do when you’ve put yourself through so much dirt and torture. It includes zip line, and other activities whose name I don’t remember, which together make you realize, that you are UNFIT. Take this fact in your stride and try to finish all the activities. It costs around Rs 800 or less per person, but it is worth it!
    That moment when you make it to the top and your brother clicks a good pic #RareOccurences
  5. Have a beer at Punjab Dhaba with Maggie and Paratha. It isn’t out of the world, but it is pretty okay. Do NOT try to tell the shop owner that he has spelt snacks incorrectly as “snakes”. He told us that we don’t know the spelling and that “snakes” is spelt correctly. So, we drank our beer 😀

Well, that’s my list of making the best of Kufri. Do share your thoughts/ experiences.

PS: We visited Kufri when there was no snow. Now that’s luck, being a bitch, as always. I am confident that true beauty of Kufri can only be experienced with Snow (and no dust). Lastly, views expressed are personal.

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