Short Stories #12 The Disappointed Rider Pt 1

IMG_20171223_204859After a tiring day at office, he opened the Uber app to book his ride back. He could find a cab after three failed attempts. Obviously, he was relieved once he got into the cab.

Three minutes into the journey, he unlocked his phone to check Facebook. The uber app was still open. Out of curiosity he clicked on the top left corner where Uber had recently started showing rider rating.

To his shock, his rating had fallen from a constant 4.8 over the past four months to 4.76. Some drivers in the last one week had rated him low. Within a split second his mind began to reason out why he should still be 4.8..

1. He always rated all drivers 5/5. Even when they were late, rude, confused, smelly or too talkative

2. He NEVER made any driver wait. In fact, he ALWAYS booked his cab after reaching the pickup point

3. He NEVER asked any driver to hurry even if it meant missing a meeting

4. He ALWAYS spoke with them in a very polite fashion. Never lost his cool over their poor knowledge of Noida roads

But still, these drivers rated him low. He had to do something about it. Maybe, call back the drivers with whom he rode over the last one week, and ask them why? He immediately canceled the thought thinking it to be too intrusive and weird.

By the time he could think and strategize, Uber reached its destination. Perfect timing to understand the driver psych. He saw the driver close the trip and then mechanically rating him 4/5.

He didn’t utter a word and got out of the cab. He knew what he had to do next..

.. To be continued


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