Short Stories #11 Stranger Beings – the other side


He was traveling to Jaipur when he came across a Stranger Things 2 meme on his Facebook feed. It made him realize how work has kept him away from everything he enjoyed doing. After all, this wasn’t how he was until a year back. He used to go out with friends, watch Netflix and spend most of his time after work with his lover.

A lot of this changed when he drifted apart from Marica. He immersed himself in work to think less about her. Today work had become his way of life.

He hardly thought about Marica these days but every time he thought about their relationship, he acknowledged that it ended for good. After all, they wanted different things in life. She couldn’t give him space and he couldn’t give her enough love. This imbalance made their conversations toxic, almost unbearable to carry forward. Life, as he believed it to be, was sure to bring better options! As for Marica, he knew that it’s best if they never talked and remained strangers.

Scrolling past that meme he realized that a few things had to be fixed immediately. The most important being the renewal of his Netflix subscription.

Read part one here




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