Short Stories #10 Stranger Beings


Stranger Things 2 had come out on Netflix. It was exactly a year back when they watched the first season together, all episodes in one night. She remembers how they cozily lied on a single bed, his head on her shoulder, hers on his head.

Tonight while watching the second season by herself, she missed him. For some reason, every time she missed him, she got a feeling that somehow he will know (through some weird means), and he will call. So she kept looking at her phone every now and then, thinking that it will ring the next second. It never rang.

Her saddened mind immediately got on to evaluating alternate routes of getting in touch and within a split second it started revising his mobile number – 9.. 8.. 1.. … .. . It didn’t stop till the time it confirmed the number till the last digit. Then it got into reasoning out why calling him, again, was of no use. Once it convinced her to not call him, it made her feel how unreasonable life was/ is. How can he not miss her ever? That’s when she slapped herself out of this melodramatic scene. It is life after all, she thought to herself. People come in, stay and at times become stranger beings. She cried a bit and comfortably went to sleep.


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