Mom’s Sales Pitch


Mom was reading the newspaper with her usual vigor when she suddenly turned towards me and posed a difficult question, “Will you take me to this wedding exhibition at Hotel Ashok? My friend has put a stall there..” Now that’s my mom looking at me expectantly, knowing very well that I am least interested in attending a ‘wedding exhibition’. Oh, but that’s also my mom and as a good son I should take her wherever she wants.

So, I said NO :p and instead threw back a logical question, “What in world will I do there while you hop around Mom?” Little did I know that she was more prepared than a pack of ready-to-eat poha (oh snap! forgive me 😛 ). She immediately pointed her finger at the single guy on the full page ad of the exhibition in Delhi Times and said, “See there is stuff for you as well, so you will have fun!”, and we laughed.

I am writing this piece just to log how I got sold on her illogical sales pitch, again, before we leave for the exhibition (in the next 30 minutes).



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