Decoding Dreams #2a Dream Problems

What triggers our dreams? Why do we see characters and places which we haven’t even seen in real? These are some questions which Freud has tried to answer here. Freud, with an elaborate critique of related past works,  identifies four broad dream triggers :

External Stimuli: A sudden drop in room temperature can trigger a dream and so can pressure on any body part. Ever found yourself stuck in a stinky dream, well it’s the change in smell in the surroundings. An interesting example here is of a common dream where an individual feels that she is falling down from a height. Ever wondered why that happens?  Well, while you were sleeping and shifting around , your long legs began to hang out in the air! That’s it!

Internal Stimuli: Once an individual sleeps the brain starts to focus on the organs. Yeah, no vision, not so much noise either, so the brain focuses on organs. Any existing or imminent problem in the organs can trigger a dream. Freud suggests that a heart attack can be prempted through dreams. An individual with a faulty heart will have dreams where she is burning. Sounds weird right! Can’t really challenge him though. So chill!

Pre-sleep Thoughts: This one’s quite logical. It says what one thinks of just before going to sleep triggers the Dream and also becomes a part of the Dream.

Psychic Influence: Now this one’s funny because he himself writes that whatever can’t be explained by above three falls under this. To be frank I myself couldn’t understand this part as much.

Ah, so now that we know what triggers the dreams, the next question is why we see all weird stuff in dreams, people we haven’t ever met or cuisine we haven’t ever heard of?  Freud says that all images that one sees in a dream is what one has already seen while he was awake. These images are there in one’s subconscious all the time, just that they pop out only even one sleeps. So, dreams are not entirely vague, they are in fact quite real. Just that we don’t know it!

Yup,  that’s it!  In the next blog I’ll try to cover why one forgets what one dreams about?  And yeah much more  🙂

Share your views and experiences in the comments. See you!


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