Decoding Dreams #1 Introduction

aid2099-728px-Interpret-Your-Dreams-Step-1Thanks to a friend I could lay my hands on “Interpreting Dreams” by Sigmund Frued. I’ve already started reading this book and I have to admit its not an easy read. In fact the translator J.A. Underwood himself admits, with examples, that its extremely difficult to reproduce Freud’s work in English (from German).

The introduction to the book, written by John Forrester, mentions that the book was written over a long span of time over which Freud established and contradicted his own theory. In addition, a lot of dreams (examples) mentioned in the book are Freuds own dreams, hence, there may be a figment of bias here and there.

Well, all being said, I’ll try to write a series of blogs to summarize this beautiful gem on understanding dreams, their origin and hopefully their meaning. And while I’m at it, I request the readers to share their thoughts too.


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